Lauren + Zach | Salt Lake City Temple

Lauren and Zach’s big day is ready to be shared with you! Have you checked out their engagements and bridal session yet (remember the bridals at the Salt Flats?!). They are so happy and adorable together. Always full of smiles (especially Zach with his ear-to-ear grin). They came out of the temple to their family, who proceeded to tell them to kiss over and over so that they could all get pictures of it. And tell them “how to do it right”. “No, give her a REAL kiss!” “Lauren, lower your flowers!” “Move back into the shade!”

Don’t you just love families?

We made our way around the temple grounds, getting all of the traditional spots that show off the Salt Lake Temple. And pushing myself to see at least one thing new. I know I’ve talked about how much I love the Salt Lake Temple before. But I just do. I really, really do. Its so timeless. And I love the history behind it. (It took 40 years to complete, you know, which is crazy.) After the necessary pictures, I sent them on their way to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for their luncheon.

The reception was held in Zach’s dad and step-mother’s backyard. And you would have never been able to tell that the flower beds and walkway were finished just hours before the guests arrived. But now I’ve told you. So… oops.

The happy couple hugged and greeted their guests, cut the cake and got plenty of frosting on each other’s faces, danced and danced some more and made their big exit. It was a great day!

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