Lauren + Zach | Utah Salt Flats Bridal Photography

When I first met Zach (at their engagement session) and took my first pictures of his big smile, I giggled to myself and said something about how big his smile is. Zach replied that Lauren likes to say that its as if he’s stuffed a grapefruit in his mouth. Ha! So it’s a big smile. But we like it.

And then there’s Lauren. She’s pretty much the best. Which encompasses all of her personality. She’s great and I love her.


First, let’s talk about Lauren’s dress. This was her second dress. That she picked out 3 days before our session. Because her first dress had an alteration fiasco. The funny thing is that this second dress was a completely different style from her first dress. From a fluffy ball gown to a mermaid with long lace train. But it fit her perfectly and was a perfect match for the location. So there’s that.

Now let’s talk about that location! The Salt Flats. They’re kind of famous, did you know? (Captain Jack Sparrow has even been there.) This was my first time out there, and it was pretty dang AWESOME! I didn’t know what to expect, but it exceeded those nonexistent expectations. It was awesome. And windy. And salty. SO AWESOME.

Enjoy these images!

Dress: Off White Bride / Floral: Jimmy’s Floral / Ring Box: The Mrs. Box / Hair + Makeup: Tori Plant


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