Leslie + Eric Engagements | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Leslie and Eric are a unique story…one that will I am sure have you in tears, but also one that proves miracles happen in this world. Here is some of their story from Eric…

My first wife Emily passed away in 2016. Right after Emily passed away, Leslie heard about the story and recognized Emily as someone she knew from Snow College. After hearing about the story, Leslie started to see posts on FB related to a foundation which was being set up creating awareness around mental illness. Given Leslie’s husband Chad had also suffered from mental illness and ultimately succumbed to the awful effects of his illness, she was very interested in the foundation. She received what we both believe were divine nudges to reach out to me and share Chad’s story and her experience caring for him. She put off the feelings, but eventually sent me an FB message. From there we became instant friends and therapists to each other. In time we both realized we liked each other and that it made sense to be more than friends. We went to lunch a few times and then to dinner a few times and by then we knew our story was special and was meant to be lived together. We both understand the pain of losing your sweetheart. We both understand the sorrow associated with watching your best friend suffer with mental illness. We both are very protective of our children. We both want to love again at an even deeper level than before, given the experiences we have passed through. We both believe Divinity lead us to each other and that He will provide guidance to us as we meld our two families into one. We love to spend time with each other’s kids. We love to talk about the future together. We love to offer insights and understanding to each other as we are both still healing from major losses. Given we have 8 children between us, our courtship has been anything but typical. That’s why messaging has been so important in getting to know each other.

Getting to meet these two and know them better has truly showed me that our Heavenly Father never loses sight of us. That miracles can happen and that love can conquer all.

For their engagement session we thought it would be just perfect to bring along all the kids too, so I got to meet the whole gang and I just can’t even tell you how much I loved all of them. To see all of these people coming together and becoming a family was another miracle in and of itself.

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