Leslie + Kids | Utah Mommy + Me Photography

My session with Leslie and her children was the perfect way to end the day! The fun and laughs didn’t stop once at this session. But it never does when I’m with them. These kids know how to have a good time.

One of my favorite things to ask each child at these sessions is “tell me your favorite thing about your mom.” I’m always blown away by their sweet responses – and to be honest, I think the moms are too! Leslie’s boys, especially, had some of the nicest things to say to their mom. Little Dmitri would look right into his moms eyes and say a dozen sweet things. The compliments never stopped. It made MY heart so happy to hear him, so you can only imagine how she must have felt! I also sometimes ask them to smell their moms cheek and tell me what it smells like, just so they will get close, and he didn’t hesitate for one second. Of course, she smelled like beautiful flowers (insert heart eyes here).

The truth is, I’ve known Leslie for a while and her children were not exaggerating. She really is that wonderful! And she is raising FIVE pretty amazing little humans too. Talk about hearts full to overflowing.

Sometimes we get so busy, being taxi mom, chef mom, dance mom, soccer mom…..it’s good just to be able to sit down with our children and be…mom.

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