Madison & Collin | Utah Maternity Photography

I love Weddings. The more I reflect about what it is I love about weddings the more and more I draw the conclusion that I just love beginnings. When two people promise to do everything within their power to stick by each other through trial and triumph, that is a beginning a partnership. When two people decide that together they want to influence and build strong individuals within their care, that is the beginning of team.  I love beginnings.

One of the my favorite aspects of my business right now is that fact that so many of my favorite brides and grooms are starting their teams. Madison and Collin are one of my favorite couples and I am so excited for them to welcome their little girl.

When Madison and Collin got married three years ago, I knew that I had found two people that were going to be great friends. They are simply wonderful and I am so grateful for all the different times we have crossed paths. From friends weddings, to them modeling for me, and everything in between. So when they announced that a little one was on its way, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it.

Madison looks absolutely stunning in this gorgeous blush dress. You can see the excitement and love she already has for their sweet baby. I absolutely loved the light during this session. Everything about this session was just magical. I’m so grateful to get to watch the journey of so many friends that I absolutely adore. Enjoy Madison and Collin.

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