Mary + Mo | Utah Mountain Bridal Photography

I think I have waited for what feels like forever for Mary to get married. So I was so excited when she called me and asked me to be her wedding photographer. This couple is the dream couple and how cute is the baby?! Isn’t she the cutest ever? I mean those big brown eyes and her little dress and bow with curly hair… I was heart eyes the whole time.

I was so in love with Mary’s dress. The details took my breath away, especially the intricate lace work. Mo wore a chambray colored suit and a navy tie. The latest trends have men choosing to wear nontraditional suits usually in shades of navy and various neutrals.  The combination of Mary’s dress and Mo’s suit gave a very dapper and classy but relaxed vibe to the whole evening.

I loved the classic lose curls Mary chose for her hairstyle. Her dark hair is absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad she decided to keep it simple and show off her glorious locks. The whole feel of the session produced exactly what I hope to achieve in all my sessions- a classic timeless product. I love the thought that someday Mary and Mo will share these photos with their posterity and be able to relive, in a sense, the very beginning of their story.

In case I am not being abundantly clear, I absolutely adore these two and this session. The light, the love, and the end product made me so excited to get to capture Mary and Mo’s special wedding day. Mary and Mo are so perfect for each other and I’m so happy for them. Everything is just perfect about them. They are the happiest, best dressed couple.

Enjoy this wonderful session and my favorite couple that feel like family!

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