McKell + Quinn | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

So I just have to say that I am starting to really believe in the power of Tinder. I have had a handful of amazing couples this year, who are undoubtedly perfect for each other, meet on the app! So for those of you out there looking for true love, you should probably give it a try.

Here is what McKell had to say about how her and Quinn met…

We don’t have a super romantic love story… We met on Tinder during the summer of 2014 and from the first date we’ve been inseparable. He proposed in front of Stewart Falls, which is where we went on our first ‘real’ date 3 days after we met. It was after that date I think we both realized ‘yep this is probably it’ which was scary for a couple of 19 year-olds but WE MADE IT! I love that I feel like we’ve grown up together, after two years it’s made me realize that he is LITERALLY the most patient person ever, and I am LITERALLY the most impatient; we’re a wonderful example of ‘opposites attract.’ I asked Quinn what he likes most about us… it took him about an hour to come up with ‘uhh I don’t know, we’re fun?’ and then added an “I think.” I like to think we’re pretty fun too, we love board games, but have some on the no-play list because we get t0o competitive. We love going on motorcycle rides, and like making silly crafts. We also have tried pretty much every restaurant in a 50 mile radius, which isn’t necessarily something we’re proud of…hahaha!

Even though we froze our booties off at their engagement session, we were laughing through the whole thing! I am so excited for the upcoming wedding of these two. They are seriously the best.

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