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These mommy & me sessions are quickly becoming my favorite! I spent a full day in the studio with some pretty amazing mothers who are right in the thick of it. Megan and her daughter Libby were up first. This session was especially special for Megan because this is her fourth child, but her first girl. After three boys, can you blame this mom for being head over heals in love with her little girl? It’s something that definitely needed to be documented!

I love this stage of life! It’s the perfect time, I think, for a mommy & me session. Your baby is still a cuddly baby, but their little personalities are coming out and they love to play, read books together, and are generally pretty happy and easy going. And that’s exactly how our time together went. It’s such a special thing to have photos of you just being a mom and doing those mom things – like playing with your baby, holding or snuggling them.

And can we talk for a minute about this darling outfit that Megan brought back from her recent visit to France? So many special little touches! I know that these photographs will be a treasure to their family for years and years.

Libby’s Doll: Blue JInk / Libby’s Books: BabyLit / Libby’s Bow: Little Poppy Co.

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