Natalie + Jared | Salt Lake City Engagement Session

There is something about engagements in the city. It could just be because I am a city person. I love getting dressed up for a nice dinner and walking the streets of Salt Lake, and that’s what I wanted this session to feel like. Like Natalie and Jared were on a date in the city. Natalie also just got back from a two week trip to Europe – so she knows her way around cities! The two of us are travel junkies and I couldn’t get enough of Natalie’s recent Euro trip! Just her and her girls! Doesn’t that just sound like a dream? I am a huge fan of girls trips – sometimes we just need some time away from video games and sports. my tangent, Natalie and Jared are so perfect and I can’t wait to see what their formal session brings!

How they met:

It was so fun to get to know them. They have SUCH a history! They are meant to be. I’ll let Jared tell you more:

“Natalie and I technically met 13 years ago. We mostly grew up in the same ward together. My mom was her young women’s leader growing up and we have each known each other’s families pretty well over the years. We went to family dinners at each other’s houses and our parents’ houses are pretty much on the same block.¬†Natalie is everything that I could have possibly hoped for. She is an answer to my prayers and I’m pretty sure that she’s an angel in disguise.

I had known her for years but didn’t consider her an “option” when I re-entered the dating field since i’m 5 years older than her and I had two kids already. Then we were reintroduced at my brother’s wedding in February as she was a bridesmaid and I was a groomsman. We spent the wedding day shooting glances at each other and I found out that she was in fact interested shortly thereafter and things took off from there, faster than either of us had planned but with a deep and intense feeling that this is absolutely right.

I am now the happiest that I have been in my adult life. My sons love her and our family feels complete again. I could not have asked for a better, more beautiful person, role model, and helpmeet. This is the real deal. The kind of thing that chick flicks are made of. May our public displays of affection make both young and old blush for many, many years to come.”

Isn’t that such a sweet man to marry? So excited for them! And I hope you enjoy their engagement session!

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