Natalie & Jared | Utah State Capitol Bridals

Shooting at the Utah State Capitol is definitely something I look forward to. This bridal session can definitely join the ranks of my favorite sessions.  The feel of the Capitol definitely compliments the essence of who Natalie and Jared are. Natalie and Jared are so extremely classy and beautiful, therefore, shooting at the State Capitol just made complete sense.

I was so in love with Natalie’s dress. The details took my breath away, especially the intricate beadwork. Jared wore a black suit and tie, which is something that I am surprisingly not accustomed to seeing as a wedding photographer here in Utah. The latest trends have men choosing to wear nontraditional suits usually in shades of navy and various neutrals.  I was actually so pleased to see that Jared chose the classic tuxedo for his bridal attire.  The combination of Natalie’s dress and Jared’s black suit gave a very dapper and classy vibe to the whole evening.

I loved the classic lose curls Natalie chose for her hairstyle. Her dark hair is absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad she decided to keep it simple and show off her glorious locks. The whole feel of the session produced exactly what I hope to achieve in all my sessions- a classic timeless product. I love the thought that someday Natalie and Jared will share these photos with their posterity and be able to relive, in a sense, the very beginning of their story.

In case I am not being abundantly clear, I absolutely adore these two and this session. The light, the love, and the end product made me so excited to get to capture Natalie and Jared’s special wedding day.

Dress: The Perfect Dress / Grooms Attire: H&M + Mr.Mac

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