Natalie + Kids | Utah Mommy & Me Photography

If I could do one of these mommy & me sessions everyday, I would. I love them that much. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that we don’t tell our moms how much we appreciate them often enough. Maybe I’m a little bit biased, because I’m a mother, but I think that motherhood should be celebrated more often!

My session with Natalie and her three children was extra special. There is no doubt that Natalie loves her children, but the biggest take away from this session was seeing how much her children adore her. When your children are little, they need you so much and it’s easy to see how much they appreciate you. But when they get older and become a little more independent, it’s not as easy to see. But Natalie’s children loved to be right there by her. There was no shortage of snuggles and hugs, especially from Sam, (who also HAD to make sure to get a photo with each of his sisters). They love life and each other and know how to find joy in the journey.

During my time with them I was reminded of how important photography is. It reminded me that capturing the little moments now can be what brings back a memory years down the road. Everyone has a story and has reasons to remember the little things that are also the most important to them. Every season in life is special and has it’s own reason to be remembered.


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