Bountiful Utah Engagement Photography | Natalie + Sterling

By Abbey Kyhl The Blueprint Founder, Time Wise Teacher, Faith Encourager

I’m just here to take care of the people God has assigned to me. Blessed with what I need. Working hard for what I want.

Bountiful Utah Engagement Photography Session

One of the blessings of this year has been that I have been able to book so many completely amazing couples. Seriously so many amazing.
And Natalie and Sterling are one of those wonderful couples. They are just so amazing and kind and fun to be around. We did their engagement session SO early in the morning. Natalie had to be at hair and makeup at 4:00 in the morning. It was so cold and they were such good sports and I just loved getting to know them better.

One of my favorite things was the story about how they met. Here is what Natalie shared:

I always laugh a little when people ask us how we met, because it is kind of funny!
Sterling was selling pest control for work over the summer in my hometown in California. I had come home from college to work in the summer too. I had never met him or noticed him, but one fast Sunday in sacrament meeting my brother nudge me on the elbow and told me I should talk to the guy that was currently speaking. So I looked up and it was Sterling! But I looked back to my brother and asked, “Why? He’s a summer sales dude, red flag!” Haha!
My brother told me that he probably has no idea I exist so if I just talk to him, it might open some doors. I told him that he should be the one to come talk to me, but I said I’d think about it. Once the meeting was over I went out to the foyer to go to class and Sterling was there. In the spur of the moment I decided to have some courage (which is very very very rare for me) and talk to!
I said “Hi I just wanted to thank you for your testimony today!” He said thank you. We exchanged introductions and chatted for a bit. At the end of about 5 minutes of conversation, he asked me out for ice cream!
The funny part of the story was Sterling wasn’t the guy that me brother was talking about. He was referring to the guy that talked just before Sterling. By a wonderful chance, Heavenly Father had our paths cross and I will forever be grateful for that. So we met that Sunday, July 1st, and had our first date July 3rd. We spent about 3 hours together! It was a long first date, but I went home with my cheeks hurting so much from smiling. I simply couldn’t get enough of him.
Since that first date, we nearly saw each other everyday for weeks because we could just talk for hours and hours. As I look back at those days now, they had a special magic or love about them. It was as if nothing else in the world mattered, which I know is cheesy, but that’s how it was.

I just love hearing all the stories from our wonderful couples.


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