Rachael + Alex | Salt Lake City Utah Bridal Photography

If you loved Rachael and Alex’s engagement session you are just going to love their bridal session. And along with the images I wanted to share the amazing story of how they met and fell in love. Here is what Rachael had to say…

“Alex and I met when I was a junior and he was a senior in high-school. We both got dragged into going to a drive-inn movie with some mutual friends and neither of us were very ecstatic about it. We didn’t know each other, and we both had other things we wanted to do instead of sit through a movie awkwardly with someone we didn’t know. However, as you probably guessed that was one of the best nights of my life. Once the movies started we clicked quite instantly. We couldn’t and didn’t stop talking through the entirety of both the movies that were shown that night. I had never felt so comfortable with someone so fast. When the time came to leave everyone around us started cleaning up but we were in a world of our own. Our friends asked us if we were going to get up out of the bed of the truck so we could leave and we jokingly said we wouldn’t. Then not so jokingly Alex said “So are we out or are we in?” and naturally I froze. I felt silly for saying that I wanted to stay where we were, even though I did, so I begged him to make the decision. His response was “Well you’re the one on my arm, I actually CANT get up.” Feeling slightly embarrassed I sat up and right when I sat up Alex pulled me down and said “You aren’t getting away THAT easy”. So we stayed in the back of the truck while our friends drove us away through freeways and back-roads to get us all home. That was actually also our very first kiss. We were laying in the back of the truck going under a bridge on one of the freeways and we were trying to hold down everything that was back there. We were laughing so hard and then all of a sudden he pulled me in and just kissed me. From that night on it’s been us. We spent every day together, and every moment talking to each other. He then quickly left just two short months later on a two year LDS mission, and returned home this past June. It felt like nothing had ever changed the moment I was back in his arms again.”

Isn’t that just so sweet. I just loved it, now hopefully you love the images just as much.

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