Rachael + Alex | Salt Lake City Temple Wedding Photography

I thought today as we take a minute to enjoy the wedding of Rachael and Alex you would love to hear how they got engaged. Here is the story from Rachael…

“I cheer up at Utah State University and we always meet in the stands after every game. I had been begging Alex to go on a hike for weeks and desperately wanted to go before it got too cold, so he told me we could go after the game that Friday night. Well, that night the weather decided to send a huge rainstorm. It was the hardest downpour I’ve ever seen and we cheered in it for 5 hours. Normally I love the rain, there are few things in fact that I love more than rain, but that night after we sung our fight-song and I ran up to meet Alex, I said “Can we PLEASE not go on a hike. I’m drenched and cold and just want to be warm and to relax.” Alex convinced me however that I could go home and dry off and that we could go on a nature walk and take an umbrella and that it would be much more romantic that way anyhow. I went home and changed my clothes and rang out my hair and we left. We started driving up the canyon and he pulled into a spot very familiar to the both of us. It’s called Second Dam and it’s a beautiful spot up in Logan Canyon that we love to go to. We started walking up the trail and as we were walking we ran into this incredible display of lights. Twinkle lights were strung in a perfect guiding pathway and all throughout the trees. In-between the lights were pictures of us from every date and from all the way back to high-school as well. When we reached the bottom of the guided pathway there were flowers and our favorite drinks laid out on a blanket. I honestly thought at this point in time that there was no way a proposal could or would be happening. I had a terrible week and Alex does sweet things for me all the time to make me feel better, and I honestly thought since I had an extra awful week that we was just being extra kind. There were even huge wooden letters spelling out his last name, PRICE, and I didn’t connect the dots. His favorite joke is “The Price is Right.” That’s how he wins any battle. When we were walking the trail there was a fork in the road and he said “which way do you think we’re going” and I said “RIGHT! Because THE PRICE IS RIGHT!” and I definitely thought that was just a very planned out, over-the-top joke when I saw it. Then he took me by the hands and starting talking to me about us. He started talking about what he had always wanted in a future spouse and pointing out those qualities in me. Then after what felt like forever he said my full name, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. As you might have guessed I said YES, and I don’t think I’ll ever make a more wise decision for the rest of my entire life.”

I am so glad that Rachael said yes because these two are meant to be together and their wedding day was absolutely wonderful. I feel so grateful to have been a part of the wedding and to have met all of their wonderful family and friends. I think one of my favorite parts of weddings is getting to see all the people who come to surround them and celebrate their big day. Rachael and Alex are so loved and have touched so many people and it was a great day and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it.

Venue & Catering: The Canterbury Place / Floral: Fox and Fern / Hair: Lexilocks Hair / Makeup: Jessica Craig / Wedding Dress: The Perfect Dress / Grooms Attire: Brooks Brothers


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