Samantha + Brandon | Jordan Pines Engagements

This year has been an interesting one for so many of my engagement sessions, but any time I end up at Jordan Pines, is a win in my book. We have spent so much time dealing with unpredictable weather. This typical Utah weather can sometimes throw a curve ball into executing our carefully curated session planning. One can never predict if any particular evening will be too cold or too hot. And then there is the wind. The wind is our best and worst friend when it comes to showtime.

In short, Samantha & Brandon’s engagement session was like a game of dodgeball. You know that saying, “if you can dodge a rain storm you can dodge a ball.”? There’s no gamble in this match- we definitely walked away winning. Being flexible (within reason) and showing a certain poise when things don’t go as planned is an essential attribute that most of our AK brides possess, and for this fact I am so very grateful.

When our plans to shoot at Silver Lake were interrupted by a monsoon, we decided to race the storm. We stopped at a couple of my very favorite locations: Jordan Pines, and ironically, Storm Mountain. I loved the after effect of the rain in both of these locations. Everything looked so vibrant and and complimented Sami and Brandon’s genuine love for each other in such beautiful way. Morale of the story? Being resilient, and not sweating the small stuff often times provides the most influential ingredients for success.

Speaking of ingredients for success, I also have to express my adoration for the talent behind showcasing how absolutely beautiful Sami is. Sierras Beauties did such a wonderful job with Sami’s hair and makeup. I loved how naturally polished Sami looked. Sami and Brandon’s wardrobe choices complimented their surroundings perfectly. In the end all things worked together for our benefit and we definitely walked away successful. I hope you enjoy Sami and Brandon’s gallery!


Hair + Makeup: Sierras Beauties

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