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I (Whitney), am the youngest of 4 girls. Shauna, who you are seeing here, is the sister just older than me. I have memories of her, well actually, let’s not go there. Big sisters can be mean and mine especially like to tease and torment me as the baby of the family. But when I began working, we developed an email relationship that still makes me laugh to think about. We would talk about everything from what we wanted to eat for lunch that day, to dinner recipes, to the weird office drama around us, to our love of doughnuts, to pregnancy symptoms and funny baby nicknames. Now that same relationship continues in me texting her randomly about the drama happening on Grey’s Anatomy that I’m watching for the first time on Netflix (Denny Duquette, I love you!).
And now Shauna’s met Aaron. Well technically, they went to high school together and have the same group of friends, but it was only about a year and a half ago that they started dating. Aaron proposed last year via a scavenger hunt that included Shauna and her two girls. They are planning a June wedding in Bozeman, MT and I’m so happy that she’s happy and that Aaron makes her happy. This was actually my first time meeting Aaron and I know that they are going to be very happy together. Happy, happy, happy.
Their engagement session took place in Pocatello, ID – which was where we all grew up (and Shauna and Aaron went to high school). We still have family there and the whole family was together celebrating a nephew’s birthday, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. But you know what? Southeastern Idaho in early March? It is very not green, very windy and very cold. But they totally rocked it and let’s get to those pictures now!

Dress: Piper and Scoot / Tie: Dazi USA


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