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Shaylee is just a few weeks shy of baby number three. There’s an anticipation that comes before a baby is born. Probably a little bit of hesitation as well. You realize that your family is about to change, and it will never be the way it is right now again. It’s not a bad thing, just different. And for a little while you want to hold onto that and savor it for just a little bit longer. My hope is that is exactly what these images are for Shaylee – a reminder of their life right now.

Even though little brother kept insisting that there was certainly a boy in there, mom assured me that they really are going to be getting a baby sister. And one lucky girl she is going to be with big brothers Nixon and Brooks to watch over her!

Chasing after these two boys in the studio was a killer workout, and it was a reminder of how busy life can be with two little ones! In the end, we decided to have a little competition on who gives the best hugs. Mom was the judge – AND the winner, if you ask me.

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