Shelbi + Cameron Engagements | Salt Lake City Utah Engagement Photography

Ok.  Let’s talk about how sweet Cameron is with Shelbi.  He could not tell her enough how wonderful she looked, and he could not stop holding her softly and planting cute kisses on her cheeks.  It was so precious!  I’m so glad that people like Shelbi and Cameron are able to find each other.  Everyone truly deserves to have someone in the world that adores them the way these two adore each other.  Not only does it make life completely and utterly worth living, but it makes my job so much easier!  These two met at work, and what better place to meet than doTerra Oils?  We wanted this shoot to be very airy and natural.  The incredible red rock at Louland Falls looked stunning as the backdrop for such a down to earth couple.  And her dress?  The color and style was so perfect for her.  I’m so excited for these two and their lives together!

Venue: Louland Falls / Dress: Nasty Gal / Floral: The Curly Willow


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