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Years ago, I shot Shelby’s highschool cheerleading photos and even back then I hoped that she would someday become an AK bride. So imagine my excitement when I got the call from her to chat about her big day that was coming this summer. I couldn’t have been happier.

Then after we got together and chatted about all the details of her big day I was so excited to be a part of it. Shelby and Alex are absolutely wonderful and here is a little bit of their story…

“Alex and I had a few business classes together at US in our spring semester of 2014. We never really spoke or got to know each other in these classes, but I was initially attracted to him because our professor would constantly call on him to answer questions in our finance class.

Alex claims I have a permanent kink in my neck from staring at him in class.

We had a mutual friend and I would ask her about Alex and he would ask her about me. He noticed me in class because I usually walked in a couple of minutes late almost every day.

Over the summer Alex went to live in Africa but came back to Logan for his sister’s wedding. I was living in Logan for the summer semester, and our mutual friend told me he was going to be in Logan for a little while and encouraged me to reach out to him. Unfortunately, I am not usually the type to put myself out there, so we never met.

However, the first day of fall semester I was talking with our mutual friend in the lobby of the business building and Alex came over to say hi to her. We both did the “I am going to act like I haven’t been secretly asking about you to our friend, but it’s too awkward to act like we don’t know who each other are” act and introduced ourselves.

For the next few days we happened to run into each other all the time all over campus. Finally, we stopped and talked and he asked me if I wanted to join him and some friends to go to his cabin in Bear Lake. My friends were driving up to Logan that weekend to visit me, so I had to decline. But we exchanged numbers and decided to meet up that weekend if he didn’t go to his cabin.

A few days later a group of friends and I decided to go bowling, so I took a chance and asked him to come along with me. So yes, technically I asked him on our first date.

Over the course of a two year dating relationship, we went through long distance periods and break ups, but I knew from the beginning that I would marry him. This wasn’t a love-at- first site sort of thing, but I knew that I didn’t want to date anyone else after our first meeting.

Alex proposed on Christmas while we were vacationing with my family in Scottsdale,Arizona. Alex and I were heading to Mexico the following week, so I was convinced he would propose there.

When we came into the hotel to check in, my dad came back with a letter from the front desk stating that due to staying at the hotel, they would like to treat us to a complimentary helicopter ride for 2 on Christmas Eve. Because we were staying at a nice resort, I didn’t think this was out of the ordinary. Alex and I stated we wanted to take it.

The next day was Christmas Eve and it poured rain nearly the entire day. Alex called to see if we could switch the helicopter ride to Christmas day. Christmas came and we had made dinner reservations that night, so I was told I needed to dress up for the helicopter ride because right when we were done we needed to run back to make our dinner reservations. It came time to head down to the golf course to catch our flight, and my parents decided to come to take pictures of us getting into the helicopter. We made it to the golf course and loaded into the helicopter and enjoyed a lovely sunset ride around Phoenix.

As we were starting to descend, I saw a bouquet of roses and lights near where we were about to land on the golf course. Alex helped me out of the helicopter and walked me over to the lights and flowers, and it wasn’t until he reached for his pocket and I saw camera lights flashing that I understood what was about to happen.

Alex, with the help of my family and the hotel, had planned the whole thing! They played it off so perfectly! Alex got to one knee, and using my full name asked me to marry him. I said “of course!” My family was hiding behind the bushes and filmed and took pictures of the entire thing. I could not have even imagined a more perfect proposal. I loved it because I could see how much thought and energy it took to plan it.”

Isn’t that just perfect! Now enjoy their engagement session…and if you love those you can also see their bridals (LINK) and wedding (LINK) too!

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  1. Okay, I feel like such a werid stalker asking this, but I am taking engagement pictures in a couple of months and I am dying over Shelby’s white dress from this shoot! Any ideas where she got it from?!

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