Shumway Family | Jordan Pines Family Photography

This session was so special to me. I feel like it has been years in the making.

Kenna and I met years ago online. She was a blogger, and I a photographer. I can’t even really remember how our paths crossed, but we both related to and kept following along with each other stories.

She has lived states away for nearly our entire “online” friendship, so I was so excited when she was coming here to Utah and asked me to do their family photos. I was beyond excited. We had a wonderful session up in Jordan Pines and it was so beautiful!

Especially because Kenna & Josh have the most wonderful and unique family situation. All of their children have come to them through adoption and the foster system. I was telling her as we were shooting that it takes a very special heart to do what they have done and I am so happy to see how they have been able to share that love with children and to see how they have been blessed in return with children to call their own.

I wished that I could show you every image from this session, you would just love it. But with foster children currently in their care, we had to protect their privacy. So enjoy what you can.

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