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I get emails sometimes that immediately draw me into who the author behind the text is. I knew that the Skeen Family were my type of people as soon as I finished the last line of Abby’s inquiry. Abby is an amazing mom and wife with a patience of a saint and some incredible skills. Abby makes the most amazing wooden signs you can find her work here. Her work reflects her family’s love of travel in the form of timeless and lovely wooden design. Tyler serves our country as a member of the military. I love working with military families as they always seem to have such an authentic connection with one another. Together their children have a spunk that is unrivaled but also accompanied with the best set of manners.

During our session we encountered a beached seal I was sure was not “with us,” any more, until I walked a little closely and the non dead trickster tried to give my leg a little slap. Needless to say I fell and nearly needed a new set of pants. As a girl from the Utah Mountains the whole anatomy of ocean life was a constant learning experience. We nick-named our ocean friend, Steve and got him to wave for a few photos, after which we called the Monterey Bay Aquarium to make sure Steve the Seal was ok basking on the beach in such a lazy manner. As it turns out seals need naps, week long naps. Maybe in my next life I will be a seal.

We had the best time at one Asilomar State Beach. I am so grateful for my the opportunity I had to live so close to the ocean. I’m sure I’ll ache for the smell of salty and fresh clam chowder when I am landlocked again, which makes spending time with amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet at such amazing places. I’m so excited to introduce you to the Skeen Family!

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