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When Kaci and Brant got married, I was so grateful that they choose me to be a part of their day. I never take for granted the huge amount of trust my couples instill in me. For Kaci and Brant there was an extra special feeling present on their wedding day. It was such a special day to not only see two people become a couple but to see Kaci, Brant and Kaci’s daughter become a family. Their wedding day will always be memorable to me.

As I previously said, I hold a great amount of gratitude for those special people who allow me to take part in their special day, but I have to admit that that same level of exhibited trust extends to the sessions after the wedding. Over the last few years I have loved watching their family grow. I was so excited and honored that Kaci, Brant and their sweet growing family were in front of my camera again. I am so excited to show off these images celebrating the arrival of another darling little lady that will soon be joining in on all the beautiful fun.

The day was so wonderful and the lighting was amazing. I loved the clothing color and style choice. Pastels, blues and the vivid greenery in one of my favorite locations made for such a wonderful outcome. Kaci looks absolutely beautiful in her flowing maxi dress combined with her illuminating pregnancy glow. I absolutely love how Kaci and Brant interacted with their children. There are some sessions where I get a peek into how each family interacts with each other. I was so grateful to able to witness the love and adoration the Harsh family displayed toward one another. I know that this new baby will be welcomed and that the love int he Harsh home will only be multiplied.

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