Sydney + Ty | Temple Square Bridal Photography

Let me introduce you to Sydney and Ty. They are really great. The end.

But OK first, I need you to know something important. Sydney’s 10 foot long veil was and is everything I’ve ever wanted to photograph in my last 5 years of photographing brides. It was so flowy and pretty. I’m obsessed with it. Her dress from Fantasy Bridal was light and airy. Everything about the way she looked was pretty much what I had always wanted to photograph. (Huh, that sounds weird. It’s fine. I’m weird.) But I loved our session together. And you just need to know that.


I asked Sydney to tell me how she and Ty met, and this is what she had to say:
“Ty and I had a calculus class together 2 years ago. I didn’t know that until he told me because I slept through the entire class. Anyway, he saw me in that class and thought I was pretty cute but never tried to talk to me. A few months later I popped up on his suggested page on Instagram and he showed me to his roommate. That roommate just so happened to have grown up in the same town as me (in California) and had been in the same ward as me for most of my childhood. Ty asked him to set us up, but it just never happened. Finally a year after having calculus with me Ty sent me a message and asked if I knew anything about hydroponics. I didn’t. (I don’t even know what this means? Is it a math term?) Eventually though he got my number and a month later we went on our first date. From there we became best friends, doing everything together. We love to watch movies, hammock, build forts, eat, and go on walks.”

Ty proposed to Sydney at his grandfather’s property in Blanding. He tried to surprise her. It didn’t work. Haha.

They will be married in the Salt Lake Temple at the end of summer, so obviously Temple Square was the place to be for this session. Temple Square is always great! I love the variety it offers without the need to drive somewhere else. It can always look different. But it always looks the same and so very Temple Square. I love that about it. Now let’s get to those pictures.

Dress: Fantasy Bridal

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