Taylor + Gary | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photography

And so here we are. Taylor and Gary’s big day. The middle of July equals a very hot, bright day at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (it won’t be as much of a problem in 20 years when the trees are mature and have lots of shade). And that’s exactly what this day was. But let me tell you about their absolutely perfect DIY backyard reception. Complete with a waffle bar. And the cutest decorations covering every inch of the backyard, that were all put together by the mother of the bride. It was beautiful. Have I told you how I know Taylor? Her family lived around the corner from mine in Riverton. They moved in a year or two after we did (and I moved in when I was 14). Taylor was just a little girl and her dad was a drummer. Long story short, there was a band. Her dad was in the band. My dad was in the band. I was in the band. At times I was even a wedding singer in high school. So anyway, I’ve known Taylor for a good 15+ years. The end.


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