Utah State Capitol Engagement Photography | Tori & Tanner

By Abbey Kyhl The Blueprint Founder, Time Wise Teacher, Faith Encourager

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Tori & Tanner Utah Engagement Photography Session

One of the funny things about photography is that sometimes photos don’t tell the real story. This engagement session fits so perfectly into that category. They are beautiful, they look perfect on so many levels, when in all reality the day was kind of a disaster.

We got out of the car and started shooting in this beautiful field and within minutes it was like a monsoon. To be honest, I was surprised that Tori’s hair wasn’t completely ruined as we ran to the car to try and escape the rain and wind.

Because Tanner was only here for the weekend, we couldn’t reschedule. So we had to find an option B. It seemed that black clouds were everywhere. Going south and heading north.

We took a chance and ended up at the Utah State Capitol and then magic happened. This session became one of my favorite of the year when it could have been the biggest fluke of the year.

Luckily, Tanner and Tori are literally the most laid back people out there and they totally went with every crazy idea I had and I am so excited to show these images off!

Utah State Capitol Engagement Photography