Unsicker Twins | Utah Twin Newborn Photography

I love babies and  the only thing I love more than a baby? TWO OF THEM! This session was so perfect- only because this family is absolutely beautiful outwardly and inwardly. First time parents to twins- I didn’t know what I should expect. I was fully prepared to encounter a couple riddled with fatigue. I can’t even imagine the chaos twins cause. Double the feedings, diaper changes, and how in the world does anyone with twins ever sleep? Luckily I didn’t come prepared with a list of questions, rather I just observed (admittedly in shock) so many beautiful moments between two parents that shared an overwhelming love for two babies. The Unsicker family was literally a dream even the dog behaved! I was so overjoyed to get to photograph boy-girl twins within the walls of home filled with love and light. I love what I do- but more importantly I love the opportunities that I get to meet some the earth’s best people!

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