Kelli + Andi | Utah Mommy & Me Photography

I loved this mommy & me session so much! I’m so glad that Kelli contacted me at the last minute! I’m so glad she chose to capture these memories before her little girl grew up. Her darling little Andi had me hook, line, and sinker with her big blue eyes and sweet smile. Her little golden (almost reddish) hair was darling! That pink headband was just perfect for her. Their white dresses in the white studio are beautiful, timeless and fun – just like them! Plus, shout out to the Studio Room for an amazing space! Studio sessions definitely make it easy to not worry about the weather or busy venues.

There is no doubt that Andi is one very loved little girl. It’s special to be able to devote all your time and attention to your first, while they are the only one. It’s a busy life of filling juice cups, reading stories, going on walks and to the park, and lots and lots of snuggles. She loved to snuggle with her mom, but kept a very close eye on me and what I was doing. Which was smiling, a lot! I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire session! Their interaction and those little sweet moments of connection just made my heart swell. It makes me remember the days when I had my first.

When I look at this session, I just think of the word, “emotion”. They laughed and played and those images look so timeless. I hope you enjoy them like I did!

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