Valerie + Wesley | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photography

I had the amazing opportunity to be a big part of this wedding in multiple ways. Not only was I the photographer too, but I was a part of the wedding party as well. It was a pretty amazing day.

For starters, I was able to attend their temple ceremony at the Columbia River Temple in Washington. It was beautiful on such a personal level. I’m usually just waiting outside the temple for the newlyweds to exit. So this time, I loved being able to see Wesley sealed to Valerie for time and eternity.

After the temple, the could decided to have a ring ceremony for close family and friends. Her dad lead the ring ceremony and it was a tear jerker. You could obviously tell who the favorite child is. Everything was perfect. Valerie’s dad escorted her down the rose-lined aisle while Wesley waited for her holding back tears.

We were able to hear dating stories from the Maid of Honor and the Best Man that of course made us all laugh. We had such personal details added to the wedding. First of all, Wes’s mom read a touching poem. Then his brother played the guitar while his Dad sang “When I Fall in Love” by Nat King Cole. If that doesn’t sound like the most magical ceremony, I don’t know what does.

The reception was held at Valerie’s childhood house in the backyard. I pulled up to the gate and thought “wow.” The biggest, prettiest brick house you ever did see. The details were gorgeous! From the guest sign in table to the shabby chic dresser full of mini pies, bulb lighting strung across the patio and homemade blackberry jam party favors.

Even the pool was decorated with floating lotus candles. Guests chatted and ate delicious food, kids stuck their feet in the pool, there was toasts and dancing, and many, many tears. They made their exit with bubbles and heartfelt goodbyes, off to start an amazing life together.

Wedding Design: Blushing Events // Videographer: David Perry Films


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