Wagner Family | American Fork Family Photography

As soon as they stepped out of their car, I knew the Wagner Family was going to be magic. As a family they are so warm, friendly, and obviously beautiful. The way they interacted with each other was so refreshing to see. I think often times we get so caught up watching prominent media figures bicker and promote negativity through their actions that we forget about all the good in the world.

People we don’t even know have families that are loving and kind and full of life just like us. There won’t be any prominent news stories that put people on display for the quiet moments in which they live their lives and perhaps this fact gives me the motivation to immerse myself in the nobility of story telling through imagery. This is where I ultimately find purpose. I find validation in the role I am lucky enough play. Roles that with the ultimate resolve to accurately reveal the beautifully ordinary moments that define some of the most underwhelming yet defining elements of what what makes love genuine and authentic.

I love choosing locations that are adored by my clients, which usually makes the whole experience even more special. This park in Carmel Valley was the perfect spot to spend an early spring evening. The Carmel Valley very much reminds me of Utah with it’s dirt trails among foliage. The constant presence of various wildlife present in the background also gave me a feeling of nostalgia. The Wagner Family complimented such a beautiful environment seamlessly. I love the way they interacted with one another. I assumed my favorite charter as a mere onlooker giving direction when needed but mostly just allowing play and genuine adoration to trump formal poses and prompts. It was such a pleasure and so refreshing to witness such a beautiful manifestation of the kind of love that still exists in every corner of our world today.

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