Walker Family | Salt Lake City Utah Family Photography

I always love when I get to see the Walker crew. They remind me so much of my own family. They are all energetic and funny, and they all have great sense of humor…we are super humble in our family, can you tell…hahaha! Its just like hanging out with my own kids when we are together and I just love seeing how they are all growing year after year.

Can we also just pause for a second and talk about their super cute wardrobe? I want those sequin leggings!!! That denim vest was super cute too.

One of my favorite images from this session is right below. A picture of all the kids in the family. I love seeing their little grins, missing teeth and HUGE love that they have for each other. That’s how I want to remember my own kids. We have hard times of course and they fight like crazy but at the end of the day I know they love each other.

This was such a fun session and dad was in rare form and kept us laughing the whole time! I love shooting at Thanksgiving Point and I’m so excited to show these off!

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