Wedding Planner VS. Venue Coordinator

Up today, I wanted to chat about something that I see brides run into problems with ALL THE TIME!

One of the things you want to make sure you understand when you hire someone to help you with your wedding or you sign on with a venue who provides “planning services” is exactly what they are going to do. How much you are going to get, and how much you have to take care of yourself. I have had so many brides who have been led to believe that they were getting full planning services only to find out that wasn’t completely the case and ended up having to scramble to take care of details on their day that they shouldn’t have to be worrying about.

I wanted to give you a quick run down of what each of these different vendors are doing and what you should expect…

A wedding planner is someone who is going to hold your hand the whole way through, and will be there on your wedding day to make sure that all the details come together. They will meet with you many times before the wedding to bring together all the details, recommending other vendors, and help bring your wedding vision to life. They are going to coordinate with your other vendors and make sure that all the details are taken care of including planning, invoicing, scheduling, etc. They will handle set up and take down of all of your decor on the day of the wedding.Wedding planners will also “run the show” the day of the wedding making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.  They take care of keeping things going, handling anything that comes up, and are your go-to person the whole day.

A venue coordinator will simply take care of the venue. Make sure tables and chairs are in the arrangement that is decided beforehand. Provide you linens if the venue offers those. They will take care of helping you get into the building, setting up the sound system, taking care of garbage, and any details associated with the venue. You will generally have an attendant who is assigned to you the day of the wedding to answer any details that may concern the venue, but they are not there to run your day. They are not there to coordinate the schedule. They are simply there to manage the building. One benefit of choosing a location like this, is that many times you can bring in all your own vendors. If you want your aunt to do the floral, or your sister to make your wedding cake, many times you can do this at a venue that is simply a venue coordinator.

There are also some vendors who do a little bit of both. Some of these places may have in house floral or catering, but keep in mind they won’t take care of absolutely everything and every little detail. But they will do more than a venue that just offers venue coordination. So you may still have some wiggle room to bring in your own vendors.

So make sure you check things out, ask questions, and know exactly what you are getting so you can be prepared for exactly what your responsibilities will be on the day of the wedding. I also wanted to give you a list of some of my favorite vendors in each area who do a great job at what they do…

Thanksgiving Point
Alexandria Wedding Design
Leslie Dawn Events
Charming Details

This Is The Place Heritage Park
Memorial House

Log Haven
Sleepy Ridge Weddings
The Grand America

Do you have a question about some part of your wedding that you would like me to address? Just shoot me over a quick message. Having been a part of over 200 weddings, I have seen just about anything and would love to help you make your planning easier!

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