Wedding Planner VS. Venue Coordinator

Up today, I wanted to chat about something that I see brides run into problems with ALL THE TIME!

One of the things you want to make sure you understand when you hire someone to help you with your wedding or you sign on with a venue who provides “planning services” is exactly what they are going to do. How much you are going to get, and how much you have to take care of yourself. I have had so many brides who have been led to believe that they were getting full planning services only to find out that wasn’t completely the case and ended up having to scramble to take care of details on their day that they shouldn’t have to be worrying about.

I wanted to give you a quick run down of what each of these different vendors are doing and what you should expect…

A wedding planner is someone who is going to hold your hand the whole way through, and will be there on your wedding day to make sure that all the details come together. They will meet with you many times before the wedding to bring together all the details, recommending other vendors, and help bring your wedding vision to life. They are going to coordinate with your other vendors and make sure that all the details are taken care of including planning, invoicing, scheduling, etc. They will handle set up and take down of all of your decor on the day of the wedding.Wedding planners will also “run the show” the day of the wedding making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.  They take care of keeping things going, handling anything that comes up, and are your go-to person the whole day.

A venue coordinator will simply take care of the venue. Make sure tables and chairs are in the arrangement that is decided beforehand. Provide you linens if the venue offers those. They will take care of helping you get into the building, setting up the sound system, taking care of garbage, and any details associated with the venue. You will generally have an attendant who is assigned to you the day of the wedding to answer any details that may concern the venue, but they are not there to run your day. They are not there to coordinate the schedule. They are simply there to manage the building. One benefit of choosing a location like this, is that many times you can bring in all your own vendors. If you want your aunt to do the floral, or your sister to make your wedding cake, many times you can do this at a venue that is simply a venue coordinator.

There are also some vendors who do a little bit of both. Some of these places may have in house floral or catering, but keep in mind they won’t take care of absolutely everything and every little detail. But they will do more than a venue that just offers venue coordination. So you may still have some wiggle room to bring in your own vendors.

So make sure you check things out, ask questions, and know exactly what you are getting so you can be prepared for exactly what your responsibilities will be on the day of the wedding. I also wanted to give you a list of some of my favorite vendors in each area who do a great job at what they do…

Thanksgiving Point
Alexandria Wedding Design
Leslie Dawn Events
Charming Details

This Is The Place Heritage Park
Memorial House

Log Haven
Sleepy Ridge Weddings
The Grand America

Do you have a question about some part of your wedding that you would like me to address? Just shoot me over a quick message. Having been a part of over 200 weddings, I have seen just about anything and would love to help you make your planning easier!

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Months ago, when I was in the midst of my own faith trial, a friend said something to me that I have thought about so much since. She said,
Are you still hanging in there for our service challenge? I have to admit, I have been less than stellar in posting about all the things that have been happening around me as I have been trying to serve. And there have been plenty of times when things haven't gone as I had hoped or planned. Times when I didn't rise to the occasion. But I started to realize, that ministering, serving others, its a learning process. And it isn't going to be perfect. But I look at how my life has grown and blossomed in these last sixty-five days and I am so happy with all that is happening around me. I have created deeper friendships and connections, our kids are learning the importance of serving others, and I feel a joy and peace in my life that I needed. I am learning the importance of ministering and simple service to those around us. Its not too late to join us (our free guide is in the link in my profile). And I would love to hear how participating in the challenge has gone for you! #lds #latterdaysaint #100dayservicechallenge #sharegoodness
Do you ever just feel like a huge loser? 🙋🏼‍♀️
I’ve had some situations this year where I have tried to help someone in someway or friend certain people and I just get the cold shoulder, the brush off, the passive aggressive “no thanks”.
Of course, I then find myself in the downward spiral of wondering why? Why don’t they want my help? Why don’t they want to be friends? What is wrong with me that makes me not good enough to be in their circle? Why am I not included?
I was writing last night and I came across the quote from R.H. Sin that says “I hope you learn to let go of all the things not meant for you.”
I think truthfully and painfully sometimes that applies to people.
We aren’t meant for everyone. Could you imagine how chaotic and noisy and distracting our lives would be if we stayed friends or became friends with every person that ever crosses our path? We wouldn’t have time for anything that mattered.
I love the book Essentialism by @gregorymckeown and his entire idea of “Less, But Better.” And I’m starting to realize that can also in some ways apply to people. When we have fewer people in our lives we are able to develop stronger, closer, more impactful relationships. And ultimately our lives become more rich. Quality over quantity.
Now don’t get me wrong, I think there are better ways to preserve our circle and kinder ways to respond and really we should show love and kindness to everyone. But just because we should always be friendly, doesn’t mean we have to be best friends.
One of the questions that I was seeking an answer to in #generalconference was what should be the direction that She That Seeks should go? What was our purpose? For months we have been trying to figure out what we were doing and where we were going and how we could bring this project to life.

Within the first 30 minutes I received the answer. 
She That Seeks needs to be here to enlighten women with perspective and power to be present and prepared for their families. And as the next two days unfolded, I understood why.

Throughout general conference, there were so many revelations shared with the women of our church. Home centered spirituality supported by the Church. The two-hour block and the introduction of the new Come Follow Me curriculum for families. Then in the womens session it became very clear that we as mothers need to step up to guide this nurturing and this teaching in our homes. Henry B. Eyring reminded us that in the Proclamation To The Family it tells mothers that this is our primary responsibility.

As I was listening I felt so empowered and also so overwhelmed. Would I be enough? Do I know enough? Will I be able to do this? Will I measure up? 
I watched online as many other women and mothers expressed similar concerns and realized that this was what She That Seeks needed to be. A guide by the side. A hand to help. A place to get answers and guidance. A resource for fulfilling this sacred work. 
Alone it may be too much to bear, but together we can do it. I am so excited for what is unfolding in She That Seeks and I can't wait to share so many things with you!

If you want the most up-to-date info and community, join our FB Group!
We are starting today with our study and discussion, if you want to join us the main discussion will be happening in the She That Seeks Facebook group. The link is in my profile. I am so excited to hear all the things that everyone shares. 💛💛💛
How many of you have joined President Nelsons challenge to read The Book of Mormon by the end of the year?

I have been wanting to do this for awhile now already and was excited to have this nudge to get started. I just got my @lineuponline journaling edition of #thebookofmormon and it felt like the perfect time to put it to use.

As I was beginning my reading, I felt really strongly that I didn't just want to read, I wanted to study.

So I have decided to follow the chapter layout of The Book of Mormon student manual (got it from @deseretbook for less than $5) and to read with The Book Of Mormon Made Easier books by David J. Ridges. They make it like having a true scriptorian reading along with you.

Do you want to join me? 
There are 56 chapters of the student manual and 75 days left in the year (which means you can have 19 free days in case life happens). I am going to be posting daily in the She That Seeks facebook group my thoughts and hope others will share their thoughts as well! The link to the facebook group is in my profile if you want to join us!
Morning everyone! I am so excited to be coming off my 10-Day Social Media Fast. It was exactly what my heart and my mind needed.

There is this part of me that wanted to just stay off of social media forever. But another part of me is so excited to be back because I have had so many amazing thoughts and feelings flood me that I can't wait to share.

During this social media fast one of the greatest
Walking into this #generalconference, I had a very specific list of questions that I was seeking answers to. I wrote them down and prayed over them and have been listening for the answers I am needing in my life. As the day has unfolded I have received more personal revelation than I could have expected.
Tonight our dear prophet, Russell M. Nelson challenged all the women of our church to take a 10-day fast from social media and all types of media that does not uplift us in our divine duties.
When you own a business, taking a break from social media can seem scary. It can seem as though something will fall through the cracks or be missed. Like we will be forgotten, momentum will be lost, and all our hard work will go down the drain. But I also believe so strongly in the power of obedience.
In 2013, before he was ordained the president of our church, President Nelson also promised us that while “obedience can bring blessings; exact obedience brings miracles.”
I have seen the power of exact obedience and so I am heeding the call. I believe that taking this ten days off has the power to do so much for the women, mothers, daughters and female leaders of our church.
I know it will help me find clarity in the paths I am seeking. I’m excited to see what unfolds. I know it will make me a better wife, a better mother, a better woman, and a better daughter of God.
But as I log off, I have one prompting for anyone who sees this...if you didn’t watch the Womens Conference DO IT! I gained so much insight and guidance and personal revelation and I know you will too 💛💛💛 #tendayfast #socialmediafast #obedience #lds #latterdaysaints #exactobedience (email me if you need me)
Throughout just this first session of #generalconference, I know that all the changes that are coming to our church are modern-day revelation to help us in preparation of the coming of Christ. I kept thinking of the parable of the ten virgins and how much this applies to the exact place we are in right now in our church.
Are we the five wise virgins? or the five foolish virgins? Are we preparing for the coming of Christ?
“Wherefore, be faithful, praying always, having your lamps trimmed and burning, and oil with you, that you may be ready at the coming of the Bridegroom.
see each other 💛 love each other 💛 serve each other
One minute she talks about Jesus and the next minute she’s the stinkiest stubbornest stinker that you’ve ever met.
The last few weeks this girl has been giving us a run for our money. She is the queen of “no” and wants to do everything her own way. She has more energy than any person I’ve ever met. She has so much personality and so much strength and so much stubborn in her tiny little body. She’s too smart for her own good and I’m pretty sure her ears are glued on.
Once when I was struggling with her in a grocery store a cute older woman said to me, “Just imagine what she will do in life if you can harness all of that for good.”
I’ve reminded myself of that more times than I can count. And today it’s become a chant I’m saying to myself as I try not to go completely crazy with her. #prayforme #imsotired
Earlier today she was coloring a scripture coloring page and asked me what the scripture on the page said.
“I can do all things through Christ,” I told her.
“I like that mommy. Did you know Jesus loves me?”, she asked me.
I smiled and nodded.
These last few months, as I’ve tried to put my faith forward more, I’ve watched the affect it has had on my kids as well. Instead of just scripture stories that they read about in the Bible, I’m watching how they are slowly but surely developing a true relationship with Christ.
I especially love watching Ivy. She talks about the Savior the same way she talks about other people in her life. People she loves and knows well. She has always loved to share facts and tidbits of people she loves with me. She loves discovering new things about people that she can share with me. “Mommy, did you know @biancamadsen_ loves pineapples? Mommy, did you know Grandma is Daddy’s mommy? Mommy did you know Hal has a dog?”
And I’m loving hearing the things she shares with me about Jesus. “Mommy, did you know that Jesus wants us to wear sunscreen because He loves us? Mommy did you know that Jesus and Grandma Cinderella are together in heaven? Mommy, did you know we can step in Jesus’ footsteps?”
Listening to her has been a reminder of how simple a growing faith can be. And even the smallest and simplest understanding of the gospel can bless our lives. We don’t have to be any more than we are right now, we don’t have to know any more than we do in this moment. We can be close to Christ and strong in the gospel no matter how big our faith or our knowledge is. We can start where we are and come unto Him. And He will grow our understanding. He will be our teacher. And He will help us find the confidence to share what we know about Him and share His goodness with others. #sharegoodness
✌🏻Two Days
⚾️ Eight Games
📷 Ten Thousand Photos
🙌🏻 It’s Tournament Time
I’m going to be a bit morbid here for just a minute...bear with me. I think all the time what life would be like for my family if I died. Maybe it’s because my mom died younger than she should of and I know the hole that leaves behind.
So I think about that. Did I do enough? Did I teach enough? Did I prepare them enough to live in a world without me?
I also think about the things we leave behind when we’re gone. The things our loves ones will cling to when we are no longer, words, thoughts, memories, the things we share that really matter. The things they will use to feel close to us.
My mom didn’t leave enough. Her entire life’s legacy came down to a single box. One box.
And as I was thinking about the things we cling to I heard a whisper in my ear, “And social media.” I have a dear friend who unexpectedly lost her husband and I know that social media has become something she clings to. I know she and her children pour over his pictures, his videos, and the words he shared when he was here.
I realized in that moment that our posts have power. More than I had ever realized before. They may someday be the way that the people we love connect with us. And we can’t forget that.
And I started to think, if my kids sat down to pour over my social media would it help them feel close to me? What would it show them was important in my life? What were the things that I thought were important enough to share with the entire world and ultimately put out there forever? Did I talk about products I loved or people I loved? Did I share my heart or did I just share my art? Did I use my accounts to shine light to the world or put a spotlight on myself? Am I leaving online just a business legacy or a life legacy too? Now I understand people use social media for business, but is that all we use it for? Are we missing the point of what these platforms are really for?
Our time is so fleeting and we just never know and I want to leave behind a feed full of memories, and thoughts, and love, and testimony, and guidance. Something they can cling to and truly connect with. Something that matters.
⚾️ GRAND SLAM ⚾️ I am so incredibly proud of this boy. This season has pushed him and stretched him and I just love these moments when he can see how all his hard work is paying off!!!!
This is my friend Peggy (who is probably going to hate that I’m posting this 😂) but I just have to share some thoughts she shared with me the other day. 
We were chatting about how much power we have to influence people in our social media circles and how we need to remember that and not lose site of the importance of it.
Here’s what she sent to me...
“Thirty-six years ago, in 1979, President Spencer W. Kimball made a profound prophecy about the impact that covenant-keeping women would have on the future of the Lord’s Church.
He prophesied: “Much of the major growth that is coming to the Church in the last days will come because many of the good women of the world … will be drawn to the Church in large numbers. This will happen to the degree that the women of the Church reflect righteousness and articulateness in their lives and to the degree that the women of the Church are seen as distinct and different—in happy ways—from the women of the world.” ❤️ this last line!!!”
She also shared this with me...
“The last days are not for the faint of heart or the spiritually out of shape. There will be days when you feel defeated, exhausted, and plain old beat-up by life’s whiplash. People you love will disappoint you—and you will disappoint them. You’ll probably struggle with some kind of mortal appetite. Some days it will feel as though the veil between heaven and earth is made of reinforced concrete. And you may even face a crisis of faith. In fact, you can count on trials that test your testimony and your faith.
The simple fact is that our Father did not recommend Eve or Moses or Nephi or countless other magnificent exemplars for this dispensation—He recommended you and me. Do you think God would have left the last days to chance by sending men and women He couldn’t count on? A common theme of patriarchal blessings given to men and women your age is that you were sent now because our Father’s most trustworthy children would be needed in the final, decisive battle for righteousness. That is who you are, and it is who you have always been.
God wants a powerful people. No one better understands that Satan is real and that he has power. (see comments)...
Made it to Texas! First stop Denton!
So excited for the next five days of speaking to youth and families about how we can be more time wise with our technology ❤️💙
Oh and I thought I understood heat because Utah is a Deseret but yeah, no. Utah has nothing on Texas 🔥🙅🏼‍♀️
I still have a few dates open in Utah and Arizona if you want me to come speak to your group ✌🏻Just message me.