Wood Family | Big Cottonwood Canyon Family Photography

“Guess how many scars I have?” A question I never expected to be asked from such a surprising source. As humans I often wonder what life would be like if we didn’t only see the shell, but rather if we were able to look at someone read the story. Would we treat each other with greater care? It might be the optimist in me but I think that we would. When I look at sweet eleven-year-old Abby, I didn’t see the scars, but after seeing the scars I felt privileged enough to read part of her story which in part made her family’s story all the more special.

As photographers we have a firm grasp on the importance of imagery. We want it to tell our stories accurately (with a little polishing). As a photographer herself, Maria’s vision could not have been more in sync with my own. In describing who her family is I couldn’t help but love Maria’s response:
“When I think of my family right now I just want to remember how crazy this all is. How much our lives changed so quickly (from infertility to having 3 kids in 3 years) But that we are doing it… Trying really hard and doing a pretty good job of it! And that we are so grateful for each other.” With such a beautiful description ahead of our, “in person,” introduction I made it my mission to show this audience the story of the Wood family. One that is written with trials only to be buoyed up by grace and love. My hopes are that when these images are viewed that they portray the strength behind an incredible tribe of people. I hope you see the adoration and grateful nature in which they handle one another. My heart is full after meeting such amazing people.


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