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It’s always such a treat to photograph the Wood family! From their clean and classic style to their infectious smiles, I always look forward to photographing them.

There’s a fun energy that comes along with having little boys in your family, and having two boys of my own, I always feel right at home. Raising boys is no small task! At least that’s been my experience! They are loud and rambunctious and love to explore (or in other words, get into things!)

But the other side to it – the intense love they have for you, the sweet snuggles, dashing smiles, and wild imaginations – makes the hard work that raising sons can be, so sweet. I sometimes wonder what it’s going to be like when little boys grow up. Dashing gentlemen I’m sure!

There’s no denying that these boys look to their mom and dad with so much love and adoration. Seems like they enjoyed the photo shoot as much as I did! As the golden sun went down behind the trees, we explored, played, said silly things, laughed, tickled and smiled the entire time.

These are the sessions where I know mom and dad leave thinking “did we get anything good!?” Why yes, yes we did. We left with happy hearts and a whole bunch of amazing photographs.

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